PartyGammon Site review (part 2)

As I promised, this is a new article reviewing the backgammon software of party gaming – the PartyGammon Backgammon. I have to apologize to you, my backgammon players friends, because the software is already available for a few weeks and only now I am writing this article.
There are a few reasons to that; first, I had some other things to do and second, I wanted to give the PartyGammon a real chance. And now, I think it is a good time to continue our PartyGammon journey.

As I said on the previous article, Party Gaming is one of the big players on the online gambling market and now they decided to join the backgammon revolution.

I have to remind you that nowadays, it seems like the backgammon players are all moving from the off line to the online backgammon. The communities are growing very fast and now it seems like there are more backgammon servers and sites then ever before – some are more professional and some are less.

The PartyGammon Lobby:


is there anybody in there?

Well, now it is time to talk about the PartyGammon server; the homepage looks much better now, the software is really good – on the same level of every other good 3D software available today.

The sounds, the looks, the usability are all great. The software is very friendly and realistic. The rating system (a system that helps you decide against whom you want to play) is good except of one problem – there is no special rating for new players and in a new community, like the PartyGammon, it is very important because there are many new players and the risk of playing against someone on a different level is bigger with players.

This risk is getting even more problematic when you use the PartyGammon for backgammon for money games.

And now, let’s talk about the real problem of PartyGammon backgammon, they may have done a great job with the software and with the site but they forgot one, very important thing, if you want to play backgammon you have to find an opponent. The size of the community is the most important thing when you want to play backgammon.

The backgammon interface:

A 3D great interfcae

A 3D great interfcae

Backgammon is not like poker, the players are coming to practice and play, not only to make money. Another thing, I think that the online poker players, at least most of them, are not off line poker players.

In the online poker you don’t need a poker face, maybe the most important thing in poker playing… Backgammon is different.The online game is exactly the same as the off line one, which means that the people who play online can play off line too.

Those things bring to the conclusion that you can’t take poker players and make them backgammon players – what seems like Party Gaming are trying to do. Maybe that is the reason why when I enter the server there were less than hundred players.

Sorry, but I can’t join this size of community, maybe with time, PartyGammon backgammon will get bigger and then I will be the first to join. till then…

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