Party Gammon review


Party Gammon as a part of the online backgammon scene development:

The online backgammon scene today:

Party gammon as everyone else, understood that the next generation of the backgammon is the online backgammon. As I said on other articles, all the professional backgammon players and every other backgammon lovers already saw that. The availability and the convenience of the online gaming; the realistic boards waiting for the players online, 24/7; the variant of the communities; the option of playing on money whenever you feel like and all other advantages, made this version of backgammon so attractive. Now, with the development of this market, there are many companies, as the party gammon, who want to take a part in this game.

As a result of all that, the online backgammon market is becoming, maybe the most competitive market on the online gaming world. Until now there were a lot of servers, most of them created and managed by small and medium providers (who were not very professional in the online gaming scene), with only two big communities for real/fun money backgammon games and tournaments – the Gammon Empire and Play65; and one community for backgammon which provides only fun games – the FIBS community. Now, with the entering of party gammon, it seems like things are about to change.

The backgammon party which about to start:

The success of the online backgammon servers is starting to arouse the attention of the big online gambling sites, such as party gammon (by party gaming, the company managing the party poker site). After many years of providing only the usual gambling games – poker, roulette etc. those companies now understand that backgammon is the next generation of the online gambling and gaming and they are about to join this backgammon party.
The homepage of Party gaming:
The homepage of Party gaming:

the new backgammon server about to be provided by “party gaming” and probably not the last to join the backgammon trend is Party gammon, until now a provider of poker (party poker) and casino (party casino) online. A glanced look at the party gammon new site (while this article is being written, the server is still not available) it seems like the site is trying to do the best they can to compete the online backgammon communities already existing. It is not the most comprehensive backgammon site available today (certainly it can’t compete the great sites:, or the play 65 site which are much more useful for the players) but it still looks good (I am not really sure that an intensive backgammon site is something they are trying to build) and I am sure that with the support of party gaming, there are many changes about to come.
Homepage of the party gammon:
Homepage of the party gammon

The backgammon evolution:
The online backgammon scene already exists for more than decade, though, the big revolution hasn’t happened until now. Of course, the communities of users are very big and it seems like every backgammon player in the world, is online today but it the growing potential of this market is much bigger. I think that party gammon and all other new competitors entering the market will be a giant step for the internet backgammon development and will make the online version of this amazing game, one of the most popular online games, if not the most, of all times.
When the party gammon software will be available, Of course, I will give you a new article reviewing the program on our articles section.

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