2010 Spring Backgammon Tournament


By Nick Begakis (Press Release)

Angelo Ali won the 2010 Spring Backgammon Tournament held on Sunday, 21 November 2010 at the South Australia Backgammon Club. The backgammon tournament is a triple elimination event, where “all players receive an opportunity to be humiliated several times before slinking into the unlimited buy back tournament to do it all again.”

Eighteen players attended the backgammon tournament including interstate Rob Decleva, who was accompanied by his wife, and some of the old timers and stalwarts emerged such as Alan Perry, Sevastos Tsoleridis, Terry Efthimiou and Les Berry, who did not play but was seen around. Due to the exceptional number of players, Plan B came into effect, so four players – Chris Benham, who was paired with Alan Perry, and the John McLean/Sevastos Tsoleridis duo, were drawn into the 32 section, where they enjoyed extra match practice.

The first round ended with Alan and Sevastos leaving for the losing section for another chance. The winner of the One Loss Group was Rob Brito, who had lost in the third round of the Main Flight to the tournament winner, Angelo Ali. Angelo later defeated Jack Clark, Terry Efthimiou, Rob Decleva, Shane McNally and Peter Geelen to make it into contention.

The winner of the Two Loss Group was Chris Benham. Chris was knocked out of the third round of the Main Flight by Rob Decleva and then defeated Sevastos Tsoleridis and Mark Stockhausen before being knocked out by Shane McNally in the One Loss Group Section. So over to the Two Loss Group went Chris Benham and he defeated John O’Grady, Rob Decleva and Peter Geelen to make it into contention.

Final Backgammon Match

The final backgammon match of the Main Flight saw Chris Benham facing Angelo Ali. It should be noted that Chris has won backgammon tournaments; he played 13 matches to make it to the final, while Angelo played only 7. Angelo needed only one additional victory to win this final. Chris, however, needed three wins.

n the first match, Angelo did not score until Chris was 6 points, where he reached the 6-2 score, and scored no more until won 9-2. In the second match, Angelo played even worse, and the match ended with the 9-1 score. Chris was the favorite to win, until the third match, in which Chris started well as before and was 4-2 up at one point. Then, Angelo equalized at 4-4. Chris 5-4. Angelo 6-5. Angelo 8-5. Chris 6-8. And in the last game, that twisted and turned, Angelo came out ahead 9-6, won the backgammon game, match and the 2010 Spring Backgammon Tournament.беспроводные видеокамеры уличныеквадратная крышка для сковороды грильлетние шины r19 купитьhouse rentals in miami floridabiolworkколесаhappy end massage kuala lumpurarabic englishноутбук обзорhookah tipsхорошиеescortgirls-klсковородкасамый лучшийbest binary options trading siteзащитное стеклоbanc de binary downfull lifecycle application developmentbestрезина летняя 245 40 19 купитьблендеры продажаtantricскачать взломанную shadow fight 2 на андроидвзломанныескачатьсмотривзломскачатьlomayka.comвзломанная игра понипрога для взлома вкalcormpсмотритутаудиовзломать вайфайвзломать страницупрокатнакруткаskypesteam hack vwifininjaпрограммывосстановлениеразработка сайтов казаньBinary Options No Deposit Bonusонлайн тест интернетарегиональное продвижение сайтов

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