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At our site, we discuss and recommend mostly of online backgammon game and its many advantages. From the second that the internet revolution brought the gaming area into account and entered the great option of online backgammon game, people had started to get addicted to this wonderful game of online backgammon.

I know that many of you have been playing online backgammon for years, and have not played in a live backgammon tournaments or offline with friends and family for years or even never had this live experience.

This is simply because most of you got used to the convenience of online backgammon, and also because you might live in a place where there are very few people who play games on their free time. But in fact many of you can easily get to a live event from time to time to enjoy playing this great game.
Many people who have played online backgammon are afraid that they will not be able to play well over a real backgammon set or that they will not enjoy this the same way .
Of course there are some differences between online backgammon and offline one, but the rules that apply to online backgammon are not any different from playing live, And I can assure you that these playing live is not complicated, and you can quickly understand and catch up about what you need to know playing live backgammon game.

A good ‘excuse’ is to promote your new fabulous backgammon equipment you just bought… other friends can always try to invite everyone to their places, saying they are lazy or using other excuses, but when you have the nicest set, People would love to come playing.icon_smile
I have decided to do a short research online and show few Backgammon Sets, the nicest one I’ve found. I’m sure that you already got used to the idea of the online world, so you probably would love to buy your new set online, rather than spending time and efforts to search for a local game store and also to find a really nice backgammon set. So here few sites I’ve looked on with nice sets, that I think you should consider.
I chose these randomly and objectively, according to the style, convenience, size and its equipment features such as checkers, mobile or not, can be folded etc.
I have not been in contact with any of these sites I’ve mentioned below, but just made a short research, looking for a nice and quality backgammon set. I Hope this short list will be helpful on your quest to find your live backgammon set …

1) This Backgammon Set we found at, we really think it’s a really one of the nicest backgammon set, mostly for its unusual color, and for the fact that it’s pretty roomy and has pleasant marital.
It’s a 10 inch Deluxe Blue Suede Attaché Backgammon, and it closed as a suitcase, therefore you can carry it on your family trips or to friends’ house etc.

2) At we found another great set, which is more double the size of the first one you have showed. Its size is 65x43cm (26×17″) closed. Checkers: 50mm (2″). This Jumbo Backgammon Set is a luxury board designed for a high class backgammon game.
This also had an option to choose an exterior color, checker color and precision dice size, and even has gold color combination locks, so you can really feel as a professional player and be proud at your board. Another great fact is that at this site they have wide selection of backgammon sets.

3) At it has seemed that all the board are high quality, almost the same sizes but with a full equipment and material.
The differences were mostly at the colors and the sizes. So I chose the one that caught my eye and its contrast between the black and white colors gave it a sophisticate impression.

4) When you go to , you get a feeling of more of traditional products. The reason is mostly because has a wood natural design and most of the backgammon sets they offer are wood hand made products.
It was hard to chose from the unique and beautiful selection but I chose a the one that even had a great name “The Dal Negro Ebony Backgammon Set”, which is a superb quality 18 inch set, made from ebony and with inlaid Walnut and Maple. And the checkers are 35 mm stones.
Dal Negro Ebony.jpg

5) At they have huge selection of different kinds of sets, so I have decided to choose a unique one that I couldn’t found elsewhere. It is a Craved Backgammon with Dragon from Walnut Tree which has a full set of checkers and dices as well (They have many other animals designs but I really liked this one).

6) At, I have found a combination of a mobile backgammon set and a nice wood des gn. It is anкакие кастрюлилетние шины для внедорожниковbinary optionslanguage websiteэмалированная посуда кастрюлигорнолыжныйзоопарк лімmiami rentFiiO D03ноутбук 11интернет магазинJayBird X2house forbestCase Waterproof для Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus 5.5″ Pinkklescortskullcandyалюминиевая утятницасковородакастрюлюноутбукopteck binary options reviewдомашний пловOkshtorminssiderтуткачатьвзломать чужую перепискувзлом пароляdlya-vzloma.comкроссфаертутпрокатultrasurf-ruвзломщикскачать игру contract warsvzlom-alawarздесьalawarUFR stealer скачать бесплатноскачать программу для взлома вконтактевзломать чужую перепискумайнкрафтactual-spy.ruwirelessno1options brokerрерайтерno1options trading bonusсобытия харькова

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