Backgammon Opening Moves- Best Of 2008


With the help of the modern computer programs, there is now little doubt or debate about opening moves. If you want to play at the highest odds, you simply must make these backgammon moves.

Here’s the latest (as of 2008).

6-5 run a back checker

6-4 There are 3 acceptable plays. You can make your two point; you can run a back checker all the way out to your 14 point; I prefer runnint a back checker out to your opponent’s bar (24-18), and then bring down one checker off your midpoint (13-9).

6-3 There are two plays: you can run a checker all the way off your 24 point; I prefer to run to your opponent’s bar and bring one down from your midpoint.

6-2 Two plays: run all the way; I prefer running to your opponent’s bar and bring one down 13-11.

6-3 Make your bar

5-4 Two plays: move a back checker up (24-20) and bring one down (13-8), or bring two down from the midpoint (13-8, 13-9). Most of the time it is right to play 24-20.

5-3 Make your 3 point

5-2 Two plays: I prefer to move a back checker 2 (24-22) and bring one down (13-8), or bring two down (
13-8, 13-11)

5-1 Generally, it is right to split the back checker and bring one down (24-23, 13-8).

4-3 This move has the most possible variation, depending on score, but generally, the experts agree that it is best to move up 3 off your back point (24-21) and bring the 4 down (13-9). I like to bring both checkers down from my 13 most of the time
4-2 Make your 4 point.

4-1 Generally, it is right to split the back checker and bring one down (24-23, 13-9), but it is not a bad gambling play, when gammons are key, to bring one down and slot your 5 point.

3-2 This play also has many variations, but generally the experts agree that the best play is to bring you back checker up 3 (24-21) and bring a 2 down from the midpoint (13-11). I prefer to bring two down from the 13 point.

3-1 Make your 5 point

2-1 Two possibilities: split your back checkers (24-23) and bring one down (13-11); I prefer to play 13-11

6-5 and slot my 5 point.

The match score affects many of these opening moves, and the greatest difference depends on whether it is important to win or save gammons at a particular score.

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