2nd US Backgammon Open Results


Mary Hickey has championed the 2nd US Backgammon Open, held between May 13 and May 16 2010 in South San Francisco, California. To win this title and the accompanying prize, the backgammon player and author had to win eight successive matches, including the 17-points final against Dorn Bishop of San Diego, who had also finished second at the New Mexico Backgammon Championship earlier this year.

Moreover, Mary Hickey had won her $600 entry to the US Backgammon Open Championship division in a qualifier, held online at the Play65 backgammon site, after beating backgammon giant #2 Falafel. “I was surprised, because it was a highly improbable sequence of events.” She said in interview with Play65 “the eight backgammon matches in a row you win might happen in online matches of no consequence, or in local coffee-shop tournaments. So, yes, I was surprised, though of course also very happy about it”.

Mary Hickey- US Open Champion 2010
Mary Hickey- US Open Champion 2010

Mary Hickey has been playing backgammon (in live tournaments and online) and writing columns to various online backgammon publications for more than a decade. At the same time, she has also won several titles including the Cleveland ABT tournament in 2009, the Ohio Masters in 2002, 2003, and 2006, and others, but hardly played or outside of her home state Ohio and the American Backgammon Tournament events, until the 2nd US Backgammon Open.

US Backgammon Open & World Backgammon Tour

The US Backgammon Open championship was held for the second timie, result of collaboration between the World Backgammon Association (WBA) and the American Backgammon Tour (ABT). This year, the US Open has joined the World Backgammon Tour (WBgT) and drew 44 players to the Championship division (comparing to last year’s 25 contestants). And like last year, which was won by Carol Joy Cole, the main event was championed by a woman, reminding everyone that there are top women backgammon players who do not to prove their skill at ladies cups or similar special events.

The WBgT, a six stops international tour that was founded by Chiva Tafazzoli of the WBA and Steen Gronbech of the Danish Backgammon Federation (DBgf), has started with the 2010 Nordic Open and will end with the French Open in Enghien-les-Bains near Paris at the end of October, hopefully with prize pool of more than $50000.рагумобильные телефоныкупитьблендеры мокамасдмитрий карюченко олимпиадабольница микрорайон харьковвинникноутбуки леново ценасковорода тефлонасус24option 2014новости украины и харьковаdania beach condo for saleчемпионат европы по мотокроссу 2016алюминиевая посуда вреднаtranslate from english to frenchрейтинг ноутбукоaffordable escorts singaporebinarybinary options strategyкп харькововводоканаллучшаяpro-witcher.comWhatsappwifibrute.comвзлом SkypeПоиск телефонаgde-telefonpoint blankintercepter-ng.comпрограммабесплатныйлайки вконтакте Как взломать почту mail ruвзлом wifiСкачатьпо номеру телефонаtankionlinecheatcodesвконтактеvkhack.comметодыорганизация новогоднего корпоративаскачатьneobrutсервис email рассылокseo продвижение сайта самостоятельноработа авито москваNo Deposit Bonus Binary Options

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