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The backgammon game is maybe the most popular game in the world. all around the world you can see people play backgammon; on vacations, by the pool, on the beach. People play backgammon in Sinai, Thailand, Australia and everywhere. Of course there are the professional players who play this game all over the world, in backgammon clubs and on backgammon special occasions and tournaments.

The game was always very successful, since thousands of years ago and as it looks, it will be popular forever. Today, the backgammon game is more common than ever. The reason for that with the online version, now you can play backgammon on the internet and it seems like every day, you can find more and more backgammon online servers and backgammon players on the internet. If you are one of the players then you know how great the internet influenced the backgammon community.

play backgammon now!

play backgammon now!

On the internet, you can play online backgammon game or backgammon tournament 24/7. You can choose the backgammon server you like (gammon empire, BackgammonMasters, FIBS …) and start playing whenever you feel like or enter one of the many backgammon professional sites or forums. (BKGM, RedTopBG, FIBS, Gammoned,…) and learn all the backgammon strategies, tips, and the best plays made by the backgammon pro’s; by that you can improve your own game.

The internet backgammon simulates the game so good that sometimes, it is easy to forget you are playing backgammon online and not the traditional backgammon. The 3D interface of some of the backgammon softwares is amazingly realistic and so are the sounds. Two of the most important differences between the off-line and the online backgammon are the rating systems (on most of the online backgammon servers, the rating systems are very similar) and the pip counter. If you play backgammon on the internet, you can understand the advantages of those systems and if not, you will when you start playing.

The backgammon revolution is taking place in every backgammon variation. If you play backgammon for money, it maybe the best times for you. The backgammon biggest servers are allowing playing backgammon for real money. You can choose your opponents, play backgammon tournaments or practice on fun money games for the fun.

If you don’t know how to play backgammon and you want to start playing and understand what it is all about, there are many backgammon sites today that will help you understand this amazing game, from basic to professional moves. You can start here on backgammon rules and continue on the more advanced subjects on our site and on all the recommended backgammon sites mentioned above.


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